Birdy Tested and Approved!

Luna tested and approved! ©2014 BIRDS ON SAFARI.

Luna tested and approved! ©2014 BIRDS ON SAFARI.

All birds need toys and the ones we carry in the store are safe, bird tested, and bird approved.  Toys provide endless fun that is both challenging and stimulating for your birds. Safety is our primary concern—quality materials and safe dyes—our birds deserve it!

Toys come in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes. Not sure what your bird would like? We can help! Come on in and explore our shelves and walls and pick our brains. Some birds like the same toy over and over again, and if your bird is one of those, we can special order that favorite toy. Some birds like to swing and hang upside down; others like certain colors or materials. Every bird is different and giving them a variety of toys will ensure they are a happy bird.

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